Star Students Of The Month

Star Students Of The Month

We never abstain from boasting & bragging about the achievements of our students. Al Furqan every month invariably acknowledges and rewards outstanding and stellar students who exemplify and demonstrates diligence, positive attitude, leadership quality, regularity and academic excellence etc. All our students are special, but we want to toot our horn about a few each month.

Our Greay hounds are

IA – Mohammed Miftah

IB – Fathima Nuha

IC – Afia Riza

IIA – Mehfuz Ahmed

IIB – Fathima Shiza

IIC – Raifah Rafiq

III A – Mishal

IIIB – Riza

IVA – Sayed Hisham Ali

IVB – Amra Fathima

VA – Omar Rashad

VB – Haleema Hiba

VIA – Nasheef Ahmed

VIB – Ayesha Samra

VIIA – Talha Tabarak Sheikh

VIIB – Thshreefa Jahan

VIIIA – Anas Ashfaue

VIIIB – Hifza Safiya

IXA – Sheikh Faiz

IXB – Ayesha Hasnan

XA – Mohammed Hafeez

XB – Asna

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